Our timetable lets contestants know when and where they need to be. It documents times of weigh-in, collection of bow numbers, ready times and the first start. Participating crews should read it carefully.

Timetable for the 51st edition of the Heineken Roeivierkamp (Updated March 15th, 2023)

This is the provisional timetable. Please note that the timetable is provisional and may be subject to change!


The Heineken Roeivierkamp is hosted at the A.S.R. Nereus, located at the Amsteldijk 130A. It serves as the finish for all distances and is a great place to see crews performing at their best. The surrounding area will be filled with places for spectators to eat, drink, drench themselves in branded clothing or shop for a variety of rowing gear. Excellent spots are found on the floating platforms at Nereus, on the Berlagebrug or on the east-side of the Amsteldijk. An additional terrain is available at rowing club RIC, sporting a great view on the “Omval” corner.


09:30 – 18:00
Events for the 2500m immediately followed by the pair-wise 250m sprint.


10:00 – 15:30
The 5000m long haul, started in Ouderkerk.

16:15 – 18:30
Closing pair-wise 750m ‘sprint’.